Roger Romao is the face behind the project Wabkanic Mind.
Soon he began his contact with the music. At 6 years started music education classroom, come to pass right away for practical classes with battery. Since then the battery has become the tool of choice. At 14 begins its journey drummer, playing with numerous bands and projects of rock and metal. It is close to 16 years to get the interest in DJing, starting with house and techno, having taken a DJ course by this time. The trance came into my life in 2001 in what was my first big party," X-DREAM @ Azambuja. Since there was interest in the psytrance growing too. The production came in 2005 when he submitted the first year of the sound technician. With the ever increasing expertise the results were showing. Wabkanic Mind had its premiere in a special live-act in 2011. In December of that year released his first EP, "Coming Back to Life" with the signing of the publisher Woorpz, and some of Wabkanic Mind tracks was sellected to inumerous compilations.


RELEASES (V.A. and Remix)